About Us

Skinkok have a background in the beauty industry of about 20 years in experience.

We’ve always been passionate about skin and how to keep the skin more consistently clean and hydrated. We care more about the efficiency of your skin’s absorption because we believe this is key to youth. Unlocking your skin’s ability to absorb any product so that your skin can benefit from any skin product you apply is really the only key you need to know. Applying products after products will not only clog up your pores but will also make your skin age in time with major deeper lines because you have not let your skin expel or do the skin’s natural ability to exfoliate dead skin cells. We have seen it all and we are convinced that this is the a precious knowledge we can pass it on to any mankind. Yes removing your dead skin cells is not only cosmetically important but also health wise important. We are pressed on how important it is to help your skin expel your dead skin cells on a weekly basis and helping the skin unclog pores so that your skin’s natural ability to expel dead skin cells every 27-31 days window will be at 100% capacity. Yes dear your skin expel’s dead skin cells every 27-31 days window but if your pores are clogged your skin will most likely end up keeping your dead skin cells until next month again and again and again. This is why we have created world’s first WET DERMABRASION it is diamond peel and with the help of our Vitamin C brightening lotion which contains 3% lactic acid you will help the skin unclog your pores at 100%. We have seen it all! All the other propaganda EXFOLIATIONS which does nothing but further clog up your pores.

They will entice you with some by product appearing to be looking like dead skin cells being rubbed off when in fact they are polymer or ingredients derived from rubber and of course once rubbed off it tricks you into seeing how it has “peeled off” your dead skin cells. First of all there shouldn’t be any trickery if you really want to see real live dead skin cells being removed at once check out our videos here and this is a real photo of what dead skin cells actually look like. Thank you for your time and if you need to ask us more we are more than happy to answer any queries. 

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