Set 1 wet_dermabrasion basics

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Do you just want to try to what is wet_dermabrasion is all about? these are all you need and you can use whatever else you have at home and with this set you can start your wet_dermabrasion journey. Your wet dermabrasion journey will help tighten your skin, help diminish fine lines, smooth out your skin’s surface. This will help you remove that old mask you have been wearing that is causing you premature ageing. Try it now and be blown away by the experience. For more information please email us

Step1: Cleanse skin

Step 2: Apply lotion evenly and be a little generous with your application

Step 3: attach clean and sanitised wand tip and start doing little circular motions covering every area of your skin to completely remove dead skin cells. You do not to put pressure. Try to stretch the skin for better exfoliation.

Step 4: massage excess lotion if you’re lazy or cleanse lotion off and apply hydrating serum and you can reapply lotion as it is also a good night and day lotion.


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