Complete set


Complete set to help tighten and brighten you skin without feeling oily or dry. This set help rebalances your ph so email us for more information


Our Complete set to get your started ].

Whether you are a professional aesthetician or an individual who is ready to remove dead skin cells properly and put hydration and nourishment back into the skin without feeling heavy and oily, this set will set you free!


How to use: Sunday night and Wednesday night for Non sensitive skin only use the whole set of your vitamin c base brightening set. We suggest you use the automatic wet_dermabrasion tool.

Step1: Double cleanse

Step2: Apply lotion evenly (you need to be a little generous)

Step3: Connect and use your wet_dermabrasion tool

Step 4: How to use your wet_dermabrasion tool correctly place the head on your skin and it should suck your skin before you stretch the area you want to remove the dead skin cells then gently drag the tool as you stretch your skin.

Helpful tip: use only No. 1 suction energy. Make sure you do the whole face

Helpful tip: Don’t put water in the wet_dermabrasion when doing wet microdermabrasion to avoid leakage


Step 5: You can just massage the rest of the lotion and sleep but make sure you do the whole cleansing the next day or

Cleanse lotion from the face. Apply essence (toner dropper). Apply Vitamin c serum and apply anti-ageing oil sparingly.

When using the other manual tool for microdermabrasion just do little circular motions. There are videos of these movements on our website instagram wet_dermabrasion


Every other day:

Step1: Use vitamin c cleanser for brightening kit and double cleanse

Step2: apply vitamin c serum

Step3: Spray Skinkok Niacinamide hydrating spray

Step4: Apply Niacinamide lotion


Apply any of your desired SPF



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